About Us

    KC Storm has been serving area women since 2004.  The Storm plays an eight game season running from April through
    June. Games are played on Saturday nights, at 7:00pm, at North Kansas City High School.

    The team mission is to provide a safe, positive and fun opportunity for women in Kansas City and
    surrounding areas to play tackle football.

    The Storm values their players and is dedicated to providing a quality experience for the players. The Storm commits to:

    •        provide safe locations and facilities for practice and play;
    •        provide trainers, medical personnel, a training program and diet suggestions;
    •        provide a positive experience where players are respected, their time valued, and family and
            occupation commitments recognized;
    •        operating the team without reliance on fines;
    •        provide a chain of command for communication of issues and concerns without fear of recourse;
    •        provide an environment free of favoritism, embracing diversity and intolerant of harassment.